Relocating Company Resources

Job Creation

Economic Development Incentive Program (EDIP)

Type: Tax Credit

Agency: Mass. Office of Business Development

The Economic Development Incentive Program is a competitive tax incentive program designed to foster full-time job creation and stimulate business growth throughout the Commonwealth. Participating companies may receive state and local tax incentives in exchange for full-time job creation, job retention (Gateway Cities Only), and private investment commitments. Projects require approval of the Massachusetts Economic Assistance Coordinating Council (EACC). The EACC is a state board comprised of public and private sector officials which reviews and makes determinations on EDIP Projects. The Board evaluates a project based on the project’s economic impact, considering such factors as industry, location, private investment, job creation and job retention. The EACC’s administrative arm is the Massachusetts Office of Business Development, whose 6 regional directors provide a centralized source of information for businesses and municipalities and can help companies applying to the program as well as other state resources.

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Local Only Incentive Programs: TIF & STA's

Type: Real Estate Tax Reduction

Agency: Municipal; Mass. Office of Business Development

Tax Incentive Financing (TIF) is a negotiated agreement between the business and the municipality. The percentage exemption applies to the incremental increase of assessed value of the property. The business pays the full tax rate on the “base value.” The agreement can include exemptions on personal property as well. Term is a minimum of 5 years and a maximum of 20 years. The percentage of exemption may range from 5% to 100%. Special Tax Agreement (STA) is also a negotiated agreement between the business and the municipality. Current as well as future incremental real estate taxes are exempted as follows: Year 1 – 50%; Year 2 & 3 – 25%; and Year 4 & 5 – 5%. Thereafter, the business pays 100%.

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Workforce Development


Workforce Training Fund Program (WTFP)

Type: Grant

Agency: Commonwealth Corp.

The WTFP provides grants to MA businesses to fund training for current and newly hired employees. In order to qualify, businesses must pay into the Fund. The program is targeted to small or medium-sized businesses that would not be able to invest in improving employee skills without the WTFP. The WTFP has three programs: General Program Training Grants, Express Grant Program, and Direct Access Program as well as Technical Assistance Grants.

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One-Stop Career Centers

Type: Recruiting Assistance

Agency: Mass Office of Labor and Workforce

The Commonwealth’s network of centers are capable of providing a business with:  access to qualified candidates, applicant pre-screening, posting of jobs, assistance with small and large-scale recruitment activities, help planning job fairs and testing and assessment of candidates.

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Equipment Loan

Type: Loan

Agency: MassDevelopment

For companies expanding operations and need to purchase equipment. The program offers loans up to $2M, fixed rate financing, and loan advance rates up to 85% of the cost of new equipment. Exporters may receive 100% financing for new equipment. 

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Real Estate Loan

Type: Loan

Agency: MassDevelopment

MassDevelopment offers real estate loans to help fund facility acquisition, renovation, construction, and permanent financing up to $7.5M. This is great for manufacturers, small businesses, and nonprofits. 

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Real Estate



Type: Relocation Services

Agency: Non Profit

MassEcon is a nonprofit specializing in on-the-ground services to companies seeking to expand within or relocate to Massachusetts. MassEcon also engages with prospective businesses at tradeshows across the nation to help sell Massachusetts.

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