Programs: Accelerating Innovation for the Commonwealth

MassTech helps build strategies, launch projects, and manages programs to support a healthy, vibrant statewide innovation economy. Below is a snapshot of our currently managed programs. We are active as partners and/or catalysts in many ways beyond the program portfolio below, so please contact us to see how we can support you.  

Talent and Workforce

Image of three people looking at a laptop- Text reads: Cybersecurity Jobs Board Woman working in manufacturing lab setting.  Text reads: Mass Bridge Two peope sitting in chairs smiling with laptops. Text reads: Mass Digital Health Jobs Board
Man working on computer components.

Picture of goup of people in front of Tech Foundry mural. Text reads: Tech Talent Diversity Initiative


Ecosystem and Industry Support

Ribbon cutting at the opening of Dunkworks at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute Picture of woman smiling (mentee) text reads: Cybersecurity Mentorship Program Man's hand working on robotics equipment
Image of Governor Charlie Baker at Podium of the first Cybersecurity Forum.  Text Reads: Massachusetts Cybersecurity Forum Picture of Industrial Manufacturing. Text reads: Mass. COVID-19 Innovation Challenge Series Picture of disposable masks on conveyer belt. Text reads: Manufacuturing Emergency Response Team (MERT)
Picture of woman in front of computer with four others on video conferencing call..  Text reads: Massachusetts Cybersecurity Month Picture of a boat being lowered into the water.  Text reads: Seaport Economic Grand Challenge  

Healthcare Innovation

Photo of two scientist working at a lab with text: Digital Health Sandbox Program Picture of 2 women talking and laughing in front of CiC Agency banner.  Tex reads: Mass Caregiving Initiative Mass Digital Health Initiative
Image of meeting with woman at whiteboard with text: Mass HIway Support Services Female Doctor with Infant Patient Picture of a hospital with text that reads: Right Care 4 U

Local Level Support

Broadband is here sign in Leverett Ma MassBroadband 123 Fiber Reel Scenic picture with Broadband pole in rural setting.  Text reads: Mass Internet Connect
Icon of a Municipal building with text reading: Municipal Cybersecurity