Holyoke Innovation District

At the 2014 Holyoke Innovation District Annual Meeting, EOHED Secretary Jay Ash, Rep. Aaron Vega, MGHPCC's John Goodhue, MassTech CEO Pamela Goldberg, and the City of Holyoke's Director of Planning & Economic Development Marcos MarreroThe Mass Tech Collaborative is the steward for the Commonwealth’s investment of $25M into creating the Massachusetts Green High Performance Computing Center (MGHPCC).  In 2010, the Innovation Institute was charged by the Commonwealth with building a regional effort to leverage economic impact for Holyoke and the Pioneer Valley from the state’s investment in MGHPCC.

With staff expertise and various targeted investments, the Innovation Institute:

  • Organized a region-wide economic development task force with over 30 local and regional leaders;
  • Completed a 5 year strategic planning effort containing approximately a dozen targeted initiatives which was adopted by the task force;
  • Dedicated a project manager and began implementing the plan through the HID “Kitchen Cabinet” which has representation from over a dozen local, regional and state entities;
  • The Kitchen Cabinet convenes monthly at MGHPCC with frequent participation from the Mayor of Holyoke and the Secretary of Housing and Economic Development
  • Sponsors an annual meeting to review progress that forecast the coming year’s initiatives; and
  • Launches, sponsors and tracks dozens of specific efforts with detailed impacts spanning: Urban policy, transportation, digital tech cluster development, K-12 computer science initiatives, entrepreneurship, manufacturing, creative economy, clean energy technologies, site remediation, and enhanced economic development coordination for business retention and attraction.

The Secretary of Housing and Economic Development, Jay Ash, and MassTech CEO Pamela Goldberg were the special guest speakers at the 3rd HID Annual Meeting in March 2015. On behalf of MassTech’s Innovation Institute, Secretary Ash made a $20,000 award to Girls Inc. of Holyoke to support their Made with Code program. Additionally he surprised the room with his announcement that HID project manager Katie Stebbins had accepted a position as the Assistant Secretary for Innovation and Technology within his office. Pamela Goldberg praised the efforts of the Kitchen Cabinet and noted that economic development professionals from all across the Commonwealth are taking note of the growing excitement and momentum which surrounds the HID effort.

                            Download the Holyoke Innovation District's 2014 Annual Report